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Ever since I was thirteen-years-old I have had this odd obsession with my face. I remember studying myself in the mirror when drawing my first self-portrait in art class, slowly sketching out all the little imperfections my pubescent face had to offer. Over the years since, I have made an effort to create self-portraiture in a variety of mediums, while shining the light on various parts of my psyche and revealing who I am as a person from the inside out. 


For the last few years I have been on a journey in search of the meaning behind sexual identity. This has taught me how differently we all interpret our sexual fetishes. Up until recently I learned how suppressing these sexual desires can be bad for our mental health. For my series Untitled Self-Portraits, I wanted to explore the part of me which has been suppressed the most; exposing the consequences of this action as well as creating provocative images to tantalize the viewer’s senses. 


It is here where I gave myself the name Ash Bonez. Since then it has developed to more than just a name I identify with, but is also what I like to call the mighty connection my soul has with the universe. 

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