I started drawing houses when the Covid-19 pandemic first began; they were merely just little doodles in my early sketches, but then I saw the house shaped structures as a symbol for safe haven since this is where we were all told to stay. I was also working in a house that wasn’t my own when I drew my first home, you get a much different perspective on life when you are watching someone else live it in a place which doesn’t belong to you. Sometimes I felt safe, then there were days where I didn’t. I needed to create a universe where I knew I was in control of the chaos as well as being its master. I believe the places and the extraterrestrial life illustrated to be actual places which exist in our universe. 

Over the last two years the idea for the house structure changed into what I like to use as my current logo. The positive vibes outweighing the negatives and the house represents strength and stability while also maintaining a spiritual connection to the universe.