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Ash Bonez is a name I came up for myself back in 2019 while working on the earliest photos in my series Untitled Self-Portraits. Since then it has developed to more than just a name I identify with, but is also what I like to call the mighty connection my soul has with the universe. 

Ash Bonez (Matthew Grandy) is a photographer and visual artist who lives in the state of New York. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in photography at SUNY New Paltz and is pursuing a passion for photography, painting and drawing. His diverse body of work ranges from portraiture, abstraction, surrealism, and colorfield. Matthew believes there is a little bit of an artist in all of us and likes to work between the lines of the commercial and the conceptual.

Publications / Articles
Exhibits / Events
  • 2023, MATURE CONTENT WARNING! Morepixx international gay fetish photo contest, Belgium, Amsterdam and Berlin.  

  • 2022, Connections, Albany Center Gallery, Albany, NY. 

  • 2022, 3x3, Arlene's Artist Materials, Albany, NY. 

  • 2021, 10x10, Saratoga Arts center, Saratoga Springs, NY.

  • 2021, Squisheez, Uncommon Grounds, Clifton Park, NY.

  • 2020, Squisheez, Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library.

  • 2019, 10x10, Saratoga Arts Center, Curated by Becky Zeh. 

  • 2018, NATURAL: Studies of Wonder, Specto Art Space, Harrisonburg, VA. 

  • 2018, Concrete, Steel and Skin, Spring Street Gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY.

  • 2017, Annual Members' Show, Saratoga Arts gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY.

  • 2017, Black & White, Specto Art Space, Harrisonburg, VA.

  • 2017, iMotif, Curated by Cassandra Sohn, John Clarke, and Jenna Gazaille, Sohn Fine Art Gallery, Lenox, MA.

  • 2016, Look Think Repeat, BFA Thesis Exhibit, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New Paltz, NY. 

  • 2016, Art in the Park,  Saratoga Springs, NY.

  • 2016, 2nd International Phone-ography ExhibitionJuried by Karen Klinedinst, Fotofoto Gallery, Huntington, NY.

  • 2016, Form and Focus, Curated by Daniel Belasco, ARTBAR Gallery, Kingston, NY. 

  • 2016, The McKenna Show, SUNY New Paltz, NY. 

  • 2015, 2016, 2017, 10x10=100, Saratoga Arts Center, Saratoga, NY. 

  • 2015, Art in the Park, Curated by Elizabeth Dubben, Saratoga Springs, NY.

  • 2012, Student Show, SUNY Adirondack, NY.

  • 2012, Through Their Eyes, Through Our Eyes, Curated by
    Dr. Renee O'Brien, SUNY Adirondack, NY. 

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